Accounting is an activity that records and summarizes business and financial transactions. It analyzes, verifies, and reports the results.

AZ Control Ltd. provides bookkeeping and accounting services for its clients.

Entrust the keeping of your accounting records to ten years of experience in finance.
• Financial accounting and bookkeeping – compiling all necessary reports for companies
• Preparation of payment orders
• Cashier’s business, calculation of travel expenses and material costs
• Registration and deregistration of workers at the pension and health insurance institutes
• Payroll accounting
• Making and completing reports and submitting them to competent institutions
• We do payments to our clients from their account to suppliers, employees and institutions (internet banking)
• Invoice printing (we print out our clients’ invoices if needed)
• We do calculations of cost price
• Reporting regularly to our clients, according to the agreed dynamics, in order to have insight into the business and facilitate business decision making

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