AZ Control Ltd. employs a certified controller with the certification of a leading global controlling association IGC – International Group of Controlling.

The desire of the Company is to transfer the knowledge and skills in establishing the core values ​​of companies, to assist in the preparation of plans and reporting, and with professional advices to constantly develop and improve the business of its clients.

• Creating a mission and a vision of companies
• Development of company´s strategy, business models, strategic plans
• Development of annual financial plans and business activities
• Establishing Balance Scorecards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
• Business reporting and reporting of implementation plans
• Establishing a controlling function in companies
• Risk assessment and creating risk maps
• Tax and business consulting
• Creating investment studies, feasibility studies, CBA analysis
• Business valuation
• Preparation of business studies and other documentation for the loan purposes
• Development of business plans
• Making internal acts (policies, rules, procedures, etc.)
• Forensic accounting

Often in practice we hear a comment / question: Why should I take advice from an expert when I already have a successful company and more money. The answer is very simple: Experts advise you how to earn even more.

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